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October 17 2014

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Picking the Right Motor Oil For Your Car


Just as our skin is the largest organ in our body, oil can be considered as an engine's largest component as well. In essence, it is able to cover all the parts of the engine, it carries heat away from surfaces that are bombarded with friction, and casts the components of the engine. Since it plays a huge role when it comes to engine performance, longevity and even fuel economy, it is really important to pick the right motor oil for your engine.


There are many people that struggle a lot when it comes to such a task though. Know why at http://www.ehow.com/facts_4568568_motor-oil.html. If you are such an individual then all you have to do is learn a little bit more about the many ways on how you can be sure you are actually picking the right one for your engine.


Perhaps the simplest way for you to have an easier time picking the appropriate oil for your car's engine is to consult its owner's manual. The first few pages of the manual usually contains the information that is definitely a good place for you to start. You can look for a copy of the manual on the internet in the event that you are no longer in possession of it.


Secondly, you should look for motor oils that are designed for diesel engines if your car happens to be using one. In order for them to deal with soot better, diesel engine oils from the site at www.lucasoilsales.com contain more quantities of dispersants compared to those that are built for gasoline powered engines. Apart from that, more detergents are contained in them so that they can minimize the risk of the formation of sulfuric acid because of diesel dilution.


If you own an engine that is turbocharged, high-performance or run regularly in high rpm, then it would be best to use synthetic motor oils. This is because these types of oils are more resistant to molecular breakdown in high temperatures, sludge formations and internal friction compared to your regular motor oils. Turbocharged cars in particular will benefit a lot from these oils because of their tendency to turn oil into sludge rather quickly.


Finally, you should always try to purchase oils that have viscosity levels recommended by your car's manufacturer. It's important to take note that the engine will go through bearings in a quicker manner if the oil is too light. In the event that the oil is too heavy though, there you face the risk of not being able to supply the engine's upper end with right amount of lubrication that it needs. If ever you need to buy lucas motor oil online, you can visit our site for it.

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